We are students of the University of Denver who are in pursuit to use our voices to define a new future.

End Pioneers

A “pioneer” is an expression of unabashed imperialism, supporting manifest destiny sought to exploit and commit geoncide against Native People. The image of the “pioneer” is the image of the U.S cavalry charging onto peaceful camps along the Sand Creek. It is the governor declaring “at the points indicated; also, to kill and destroy, as enemies of the country, wherever they may be found, all such hostile Indians,” (Evans 1864). 

Land Acknowledgements

“Acknowledgment by itself is a small gesture. It becomes meaningful when coupled with authentic relationships and informed action. But this beginning can be an opening to greater public consciousness of Native sovereignty and cultural rights, a step toward equitable relationship and reconciliation.” (USDAC 2017, 3)


Remember Where You Are

The Laramie Treaty The Laramie treaty of 1851 was a division of land between many of the Plains Tribes by the settlers and westerns. The treaty was a failure almost immediately with many of the tribes erupting in war because of the incorrect distribution of land. Also, many tribes were forced off of their own…


what is a nation not defined by a boundary? how does resistance look in the context of “family gathered together” (Finley, 2011) within indigeneity? (Goeman, 2009) how do survivors sound empowered and embodying? (Deer, 2015; Million, 2009) just gotta take the time to realize 4 yourself (Belin, On Relocation) and just breathe (Goeman, 2009) all…

Wind River

Wind River and its Concerning Lack of Indigenous Feminism Sarah Beals Wind River (2017) was my introduction to the topic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. The film appears in my thesis proposal as a new Western that breaks the traditional representation of time period, characters, and landscapes. Wind River was at the…

You Call This Justice?

Incarceration of and affecting Native american youth, men, and women Julia Cardova My goal is for my audience to think about where their information comes from, and why they believe in the knowledge they do. In doing so, I hope to challenge the ways that Native American offenders are disproportionately affected by colonial systems some of us…

Celebrating Old Spanish Days and What It Really Means

By Adrian Celebrating Old Spanish Days and What That Really Means. The city is thriving. People are smiling. Flamenco is at every turn. Spanish flags wave through the air. Ole! Let them be heard. Once a year, Santa Barbara dresses up in traditional Spanish clothing, dance the flamenco, parade through the city in “tradition” and…


Decolonize DU Logo

we are students at the university of denver

We challenge our university to:

  • End Pioneers
  • Engage tribal communities
  • Honor the John Evans report
  • Offer Natives studies and curriculum


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